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At Mantrade we can provide a wide range of IT consultancy services ranging from Advice on Infrastructures through to Web Application Develpoment and Deployment.

Infrastructure Consultancy centers around the following key areas.

- Inventory Management - providing a central audit and management of software and hardware inventory information for all endpoints on the network.

- Software Distribution - management and installation of software applications and updates to Servers and PC's throughout the network.

- Software Metering - the ability to identify unused licenses and application usage patterns allowing for the prediction of future software requirements.

- Diagnostics - the ability to automatically protect and restore critical desktop applications on workstations across the network.

- Remote Control - the ability to remotely control any workstation or server (monitor, share or full control) across the network.

- Patch Management - the ability to provide reporting, deployment and management of "automatic updates" for all windows based clients in both active or non-active directory environments.

- Browser based Help Desk - centrally tracking and managing help desk issues.

- Build environment - automated server and workstation operating system builds / rebuilds.

- Server and Network monitoring - pro-active server and network monitoring, event log, SNMP and file monitoring, web server performance monitoring. 

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